The Cowboys placed the franchise tag on Anthony Spencer this week. This move right here proves that Jerry Jones has not a clue what he is doing. These are the type of decisions that are keeping the Cowboys at a level of mediocrity. Anthony Spencer is not that good of a football player. He's just not. He's had a mere 21.5 sacks in 76 games. Jason Pierre-Paul has 21 sacks in only 32 games. Spencer is also the same guy who admitted to mailing games in. He's a quitter, and Jerry signed him back.
    You see, it's not about leadership, and it's not about Tony Romo. It's the fact that Jerry continues to give average players big deals and a starting spot on this team. There are a good amount on athletes on this team that would not have a starting job anywhere else in the league. That is unacceptable. Jerry's horrible drafting, and rewarding players of mediocrity with big deals, is crippling a team with an excellent, but aging, foundation to make a Super Bowl run.
    Jerry needs to figure it out or step down. He needs to stop looking at his three Lombardi trophies from the early 90's, and realize that he has another Super Bowl run in front of him, if he makes better decisions. Time is not on the Cowboys side. The foundation of Romo, Witten, and Ware are closing in on the end of their prime.

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