By Brad Adams
    "We need to strike and we need to strike soon". These are the words that came out of Jerry Jones' mouth today on NFL Network. Jerry was referring to the several players, on the Dallas Cowboys, that are in their prime.
    I've never been a big fan of Jerry Jones, but I couldn't agree more with him here. I'm glad he is finally realizing that there is not much success left in this team. This football team has at most, five quality years left.
    But Jerry isn't just talking, he's walking as well. Jones, this off-season, finally addressed some needs that he had long ignored. He cut underachievers like Terrance Newman, and brought in quality free agents like, Brandon Carr, Brodney Pool, Dan Conner, and Lawrence Vickers. It's great to see that defense finally get some attention.
    But Jerry didn't stop there. He traded up and got a huge upgrade in the secondary, by drafting Morris Claiborne at number six overall. I would have never thought Jerry would have traded up and selected Claiborne. I honestly thought when I saw the Cowboys trade up, that they were selecting Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State. The fact that Jerry didn't do that surprised me. I was stunned to see that instead of going for a flashy name, that he drafted the player that we most needed.
    I'm not sure what's gotten into Jerry, but Cowboy fans have to love it right now. Maybe the decline in the Cowboys' record is getting to him. Since Romo took the helm, Every season has been a winning one, except for last year finishing 8-8, and the year before finishing 6-10. I think Jerry is finally seeing that the foundation of this team is aging.
    I believe Jerry saying what he said is a good thing. It didn't sound like the whole "I'm not worried" spiel he gave us this past year. There is finally a sense of urgency in Dallas. The lackadaisical feeling seems to be fading away. The only question that remains, is will it translate on the field? We will see.

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By Brad Adams   

    On the show this past week, Cam and I were very harsh on the cornerback from LSU. Now due to my job, it is hard for me to see many college football games. I hate it, but you have to make some money while you're in college. So all I really saw of Claiborne, was the couple of highlights, and low lights, that they showed during the draft. So I stand before you on this blog and say: I was wrong.  I was wrong about Morris Claiborne. We both were.
    This afternoon after class, I went and watched the film. This kid can flat out play. He's a ball hawk. With him being a former wide receiver, if he gets a break on the ball, he's going to pick it. He has quick feet, and is definitely does not shy away from contact. But just because I was wrong, doesn't mean I'm not nervous about some things.
    I saw on film, that he has a habit of over pursuing and getting sucked inside. There were more than a few times where I saw this occur. The good thing about that though, is that it is coach-able.  Let's see if Jerome Henderson and Rob Ryan can get him to break that habit.
        Due to my ignorance, I gave the Claiborne pick a C+ grade on the show. After going back and studying the film, I'd definitely have to raise that to an A. Morris Claiborne looks to greatly improve this secondary, and I for one am excited to see him on the field this year.