Running Backs
By Brad Adams
Where they stand:
#29 DeMarco Murray
#28 Felix Jones
#34 Phillip Tanner
#45 Shaun Chapas
#24 Tony Fiametta (RFA)
#23 Sammy Morris (FA)
#30 Chauncey Washington (FA)

2011 Review: Finally. Finally we have a dependable running game. Even though it was hampered by injuries late in the season, you have to be excited with it. After DeMarco Murray was given the chance to start, he went off. He rushed for 824 yards and 2 touchdowns in 8 starts before a fractured ankle ended his season. Murray didn't go down without a bang though. He broke Cowboys' great Emmith Smith's single game rushing record for the franchise, with 253 yards against St. Louis. Tony Fiametta might have been the most impressive part of this running game though. He proved his worth, clearing holes for Murray and Felix Jones. When Fiametta went down the running game really suffered. Although the unit was shut down early by injuries, the Cowboys have a really bright future with this running game.

 Top Free Agents: Peyton Hillis (CLE), Arian Foster (HOU), Ray Rice (BAL), Matt Forte (CHI), Marshawn Lynch (SEA).

Top Draft Prospects: Trent Richardson (Alabama), Lamichael James (Oregon), Lamar Miller (Miami FL), Chris Polk (Washington), David Wilson (Virginia Tech)

What should they do?: Without a doubt the biggest thing the Cowboys need to do is re-sign Tony Fiametta. When he was injured, he was severely missed. His importance to this running game is undeniable. Some people believe the Cowboys should trade Felix for a late round pick. I, on the other hand, do not think that is beneficial. I believe that Felix fit in great as the back up running back for this franchise. With Murray as the starter, Jones as the backup, and Tanner as the third, this team is set at the running back position.