By Brad Adams
    Yes I know. He has one playoff win in his whole career. I get that, but there is one thing that has always bothered me about that statement. I know quarterbacks get all the blame and that it comes with the job, but why is everything Romo's fault? Romo doesn't have one playoff win in his career, the Dallas Cowboys do. See the one thing people don't seem to understand is that football is a team sport, and last time I checked, Romo isn't the team. Romo didn't allow Tom Brady to drive down the field and score the game winning touchdown. Romo didn't block for the field goal team down in Arizona. To be honest if the Cowboys didn't have Romo, this team would have been a lot worse than 8-8. Romo had the best season of his career this year, yet the Cowboys are still mediocre. Romo's stat-line this year: 31 TD, 10 INT, 4184 yards, and a QB rating of 102.5, which was the best of his career. He accomplished this with a below average offensive line. Romo was sacked 36 times this year. That was tied for 6th in the league this past year. There were many times this year where the ball was snapped and Romo was already having to flee the pocket. It just makes the numbers that he put up even more incredible. Romo is not a part of the problem he is a part of the solution. With the emergence of DeMarco Murray, Romo has definitely been better taking care of the ball, which had been a huge knock on him. So lay off the man. He's played great this year and all the pieces are almost in place. Romo and the Cowboys could very well make a run next year. And remember one very important thing: Stats measure an individual. Playoff wins and rings measure a TEAM.