By Brad Adams   

    On the show this past week, Cam and I were very harsh on the cornerback from LSU. Now due to my job, it is hard for me to see many college football games. I hate it, but you have to make some money while you're in college. So all I really saw of Claiborne, was the couple of highlights, and low lights, that they showed during the draft. So I stand before you on this blog and say: I was wrong.  I was wrong about Morris Claiborne. We both were.
    This afternoon after class, I went and watched the film. This kid can flat out play. He's a ball hawk. With him being a former wide receiver, if he gets a break on the ball, he's going to pick it. He has quick feet, and is definitely does not shy away from contact. But just because I was wrong, doesn't mean I'm not nervous about some things.
    I saw on film, that he has a habit of over pursuing and getting sucked inside. There were more than a few times where I saw this occur. The good thing about that though, is that it is coach-able.  Let's see if Jerome Henderson and Rob Ryan can get him to break that habit.
        Due to my ignorance, I gave the Claiborne pick a C+ grade on the show. After going back and studying the film, I'd definitely have to raise that to an A. Morris Claiborne looks to greatly improve this secondary, and I for one am excited to see him on the field this year.


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